It is not only the look, the smell and the workmanship that make great design. Many factors must come together to create a harmonious interior.


We have brought together the competences of upholstery with our existing know-how in wood, textiles and plastics. We are now able to offer the entire spectrum of modern furniture production, in part fully automated: from materials cutting to CNC processing, coating, upholstering and seams all the way through to assembly and packaging.


We believe that investing in new production technologies together with investments in employees, design and product quality is of key importance to our growth and further development.


• „ready for sale“ sofa-models in various types
• exclusive sofa models
• individual branding of products
• close cooperation in product development
• fast development cycles due to high modularity
• flexible production „Made in Europe“
• variety of fabric and leather collections, sofa bases, types & sizes, seam execution

Our leather and textile contain the entire breadth of our expertise, our application know-how, as well as our exceptionally high standards of quality.

We aim to offer our customers high quality in execution by creating value day in and day out. Superior quality, short lead times and a pragmatic approach to customer needs is our way of doing business.


We turn your ideas into reality. From your home to your yacht, from your apartment to your hotel, we offer fully integrated customized solutions.