In an interview for Oslobodjenje, Chairman of the Prevent Group’s Board of Directors Haris Rahman talks about the results of the previous year and plans for the next period.

At the beginning of another business year, when you look at what 2018 was for the Prevent Group? The Prevent Group 2018 ended in a solemn and positive spirit. We have continued a positive trend of growth and despite the challenges that were more significant in 2018, and we managed to keep the number of employees and to break new markets.

20 years since establishment, Prevent family has 6,500 employees and is the leading industrial brand in Central and Eastern Europe. We have 16 locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and operates in the areas of furniture, fashion, auto industry, metal, nautical, medical, electrical cable and protective equipment.

Prevent Group will continue business expansion with a focus on furniture and fashion trends, and more important positioning in the area of plastic processing and plastic components for the interior of vehicles.